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Hirematch Technology: You know who they are, the best people in your organization, the all stars, the people that you can’t afford to lose. They are a true match in every sense of the word, they fit the organization not just from a skill perspective but also from a personality and cultural perspective as well. They are your model employees, the ones you would trade ten other employees for only one more of them. 


But how do you identify others more like them?
Hirematch can help you do just that. With our customized selection service plus we customized a selection strategy that helps you study your very best people in order to identify the traits and talents that make them successful and use that information to help you hire others who demonstrate the same traits and talents.

The strategic side of human capital management is often the clear differentiator for successful organizations. Traditional human resource activities need to be supplemented with a strong human capital strategy to create talent-based organizations that realize the value in human assets and their connection to the company’s bottom line. We take a complete approach at helping organizations achieve a strong and clear human capital strategy, emphasizing the importance of organizational fit and strategy alignment.

Hirematch’s custom selection services are individually designed to fit your organizations needs, to serve as a complete resource for all pre-employment/selection needs or to simply complement your current practices. Our approach includes strategy formulation and alignment, systems and process development, analysis and review to help our client organizations maximize their investments in people.

The Approach:
The key to any successful recruiting and selection process is understanding how to identify a good overall match. Hirematch takes the guesswork out of that process. Hirematch uses its validated benchmarking system to use a model of your top performers as a measuring tool for potential candidates.


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